At Cobraracing, we've been Cobra enthusiasts for nearly three decades. Over that time we've seen the emergence of the kit car and the rise of a growing cult of dedicated Cobra fanatics. Today you can build a Cobra kit car that is a high performace racing machine -- a thoroughbred crafted in the true spirit of the original AC Cobra. In fact, with passion, dedication and state-of-the-art components like Cobraracing suspensions, you can own a Cobra that out-performs the original.

You could also take another approach. You could purchase a Cobra look-alike built by one of the many quick and dirty builders that have sprung up to capitalize on the growing Cobra market. These knock-offs are eye-catching, but they're sheep in wolf's clothing -- look-alike body work bolted onto a family car chassis. Since building a true Cobra takes time, committment and passion, there's been a growing market for these Pretend-A-Cobras among many of todays fast food, instant gratification crowd.

If, like us, you're passionate about the Cobra and want to own the finest sports car ever made, you've already decided that a cheap knock-off isn't for you. Now you need to find a builder who shares your passion.

Over the years, we've had the good fortune of supplying state-of-the-art suspension components to some of the finest kit car builders in the business. The select builders who share our dedication to quility, performance and customer service have earned a spot on our roster of Cobraracing Certified Builders.

We encourage you to contact one of these fine builders. They've proven themselves as fine craftsmen. And they're the perfect people to help you realize your passion of owning the finest sports car ever made.




Hamilton Automotive Industries
158001/2 Arminta Street
Van Nuys, CA 91406-1918
tel 818-787-9594
fax 818-787-9666
contact: Curt Hamilton
Jaguar chassis specialists since 1967


New Old Stock Motor Sports
4333 E Bannock Strett
Phoenix AZ 85044
tel 602-790-5856
fax 602-785-8777
contact Mike Kenney


C & G Automotive
Aurora, OR 97002
fax 503-678-1994
contact: Gary Grescimged

Ron Butler
PO Box 66
Goleta, CA 93116
tel 805-649-6000

NOTE: Each business listed here is an independent buisness which is neither affiliated with nor controlled by Listing on this page constitues no guarantee or warranty by Cobraracing for any products or service sold by these independent businesses. Customers are encouraged to obtain customer referrals from any prospective builder and exercise due dillegence in their purchase decision. Listing here does indicate that a builder has demonstrated a high committment to customer service. If you have a customer complaint about any builder listed here, please complete a feedback form here.

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