Cobraracing specializes in one-of-a-kind solutions to unsual mechanical design and performance problems. Whether its a high performance race car suspension, billet motorcycle part or movie prop, Cobraracing can turn your concept into a reality -- on time and under budget. Company founder George Petrus uses his unique experience as a motorcycle and race car driver and precision machinist to guide your project to completion.

  • Have a high performance car that's giving you low performance handling? Cobraracing can help.

  • Have a idea for a new product you're not sure how to produce? Cobraracing can apply their decades of expertise and state-of-the-art CNC equipment to create the prototype and engineer a production method.

  • Have a wierd part you need built yesterday? Cobraracing can work (almost) that quickly.

If you'd like help on your project, let's get in touch. We've tried to make the first step an easy one. You can send us an instant inquiry on our feedback form... or reach us by email or more conventional means by checking out our Contact Us page.


Custom designed and fabricated billet aluminum components for custom Harley Davidson show bike. Many key components were custom-built and ball milled to match bike's Ness theme. Custom fabricated rear sprocket to match RC Comp racing wheels. More on this bike here.
Builder: Searight Custom Designer: Bill Thackrey


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