Cobraracing is dedicated to building the finest kitcar and hot rod suspension systems available today. Like you, we're kit car and racing enthusiasts. We know that when it comes to your car, you won't settle for second best.

All of our Cobraracing™ products are race proven and built in-house on our own state-of the-art CNC mills. We use a very "nuts and bolts" approach to our engineering. No magic here. We have an idea. We build it. We install it on a real car. And we drive the heck out of it on a real track.

We analyze the performance. Tear the thing down. Look at the wear on the parts. Go back to the drawing board. Buld it... an so on until the product meets out exacting standards of performance, appearance and durability. As a result we don't sell a thousand pretty good products. We sell just a few products and we make sure that each one is the best engineered, highest quality, most attractive product in its category. Kit cars are our passion. We try our best to make sure each of our products reflects that passion.

Whether your Cobra is a lovingly built kit car or an original Shelby Cobra, Cobraracing is your sole source for suspension parts. Cobraracing is currently the only manufacturer in the world delivering exact replacement parts for Shelby Cobras made from original tooling.

Cobraracing was founded by George Petrus in 1971. Thirty-five years later, George is still the driving force behind the company's innovation.

"At Cobraracing, the buck very much stops with me," says Mr. Petrus. "If you have any trouble with any Cobraracing product, I want to hear about it personally. Customers can always reach me at my personal email address."

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